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Which of the women did not smoke with the smokers, did not drink with drinking, did not hunt with hunters and did not plunge under the water with divers, naively hoping to go for his? Psychologies observer Anna Arkatova – about male communicative codes and female empathy as a way to hack them.

My acquaintance Professor Slavist divides women into two categories: those who read Ilf and Petrov, and those who cost the quotes from Ilf and Petrov, borrowed from their men. In other words, there are women with whom you can speak equal, but there is, for decorative purposes. This rather cynical classification suddenly seemed witty to me. She is that a man, even as advanced as a professor (by the way, of an American university), insists not only on his intellectual superiority, but also on the authorship of communicative cliches. Or so – a woman develops her mind only if she seeks to comply with a male cultural request.

Does anyone object? It would only be nice to take into account that female intelligence and female empathy are different hypostasis of personality. Women’s empathy is a unique phenomenon that has formed in the process of evolution. Survival issues made a woman share crazy male addictions, if not literally, then at least in the form of sympathy. Which of us did not smoke with the smokers, did not drink with drinking, did not hunt with hunters and did not plunge under the water with divers, naively hoping to go for his? While men, like hedgehogs at milk, are pushed around some textured idea such as redistribution of peace, Bozon Higgs or the death of the novel, a woman hacks their code system with an express method, hoping to manage and feed them to call. For any male idea, whatever you take, is clearly apocalyptic. It scares a man terribly if he suddenly spends the night in the house alone. Therefore, men are rapidly acquiring camouflage in the form of a complex code system, so that they do not immediately get in where they themselves carefully pave the road. It looks something like this. In order not to blurt out something insufficiently sacred, they are armed with quotes from the “golden calf”, “one hundred years of loneliness”, “tricks 22”, “lost time”, “fourth prose”, “pit”, “picnic on the sidelines”, “picnic”,“Theater Roman” and “Moscow -Petushkov” – and you will never see its basic makings in your life, except, of course, excellent visual memory. And you, as a successor of the family, are extremely important. I mean the makings. And instead of the last issue, Elle is forced to shove confusion, prey, Kierkegaard, Zoshchenko &C, so that the question “Wine What country do you prefer at this time of day?”Without hesitation, answer -” cocktail “tears of the Komsomol”, if you do not joke “and devote your only day off to the decoding of the text heard behind this.

It’s no secret, for me, as for many, romantic relations began there and when he, like an expensive child, carried my favorite book to me. So I read at different, of course, the time of “Monday begins on Saturday”, “Life in front” by Emil Ajara, “The bridge of King Louis XIV” Thornton Wilder, “The true life of Sebastian Knight” Vladimir Nabokov. That is, a man simply gives you a dictionary, because your tongue for a meager look, he will not learn, do not hope.

Women’s wisdom is to make a decision regardless of accumulated intellectual experience. This is its value and the source of the extreme irritation of life satellites, which will be distinguished to the last with the primary sources of all time and peoples, which will eventually be the latest releases of CNN.

And, I forgot, there is still a cult movie that is supposed to know – well, there, “Amarkord”, “Calculation of the drowned”, from the domestic – “Pokrovsky Gate”. By the way, I could never remember in what connection the exalted characters of this film consal, how it begins and

Cette thèse a été confirmée par des scientifiques de l’Université royale de Belfast. «L’activité sexuelle, évidemment, a un impact positif sur la santé des hommes», a-t-il attendu Dr. George Diavi-Smith. Ses mots correspondent à une étude américaine de longue date, selon les hommes qui donnent du sexe au moins une demi-heure chaque semaine, medicament pour augmenter la libido chez l’homme en moyenne pendant huit ans plus de plus que leurs pairs moins actifs sexuellement sexuellement.

how it ends, but on the phrase of the armor “notice, I didn’t suggest that” I, as it should be, significantly grinned.


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