Xero Review 2024: Features, Pricing & More

You’re able to send 20 quotes and invoices per month, enter five bills, reconcile bank transactions, capture bills and receipts with Hubdoc and view a short-term cash flow and business snapshot. PayID and PayTo from Hello Clever lets you collect one-off or recurring invoice payments with ease. Join the growing community of Australian small and medium sized businesses who are transforming their Xero invoicing process with Hello Clever.

Their security measures include industry-standard data encryption, two-step authentication, and 24/7 monitoring at multiple locations. New Zealand-based vendor Xero might be one of the leading players in the accounting software industry. In more than a few reviews, users praise the stability of the software, saying how it helps them run a successful business with zero disruption.

Besides the unique tax status of charities, some of the features include sharing important donation information and syncing with fundraising integrations. Xero is a brilliantly designed cloud-based accounting platform that is ideal for small businesses and even non-profits. There are now also some robust mobile apps that can help you keep tabs on things while on the go. Although it is based in New Zealand it is also popular bookkeeping software in the UK.

Users of the Established plan also get access to full expense management with features such as Expense claims, Automatic receipt scanning, Expense analytics, and the Xero expenses app. It lets you add basic contact information, as well as discounts and sales tax rates for customers. You can even create groups, which are lists of contacts to target particular groups of contacts. For example, you can create a list of loyal customers or customers in a specific state to offer promotional deals or send invoices in bulk. Xero lets you enter your purchase and sales accounts as well as prices for products and services you sell. One problem is Xero lets you create an invoice even when you try to sell more items than are available (though inventory isn’t affected), but it doesn’t let you approve it.

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  3. Modern bookkeeping software is a lot more scalable and functional, than if say, you’re just trying to use some spreadsheets.
  4. One of the best features of Xero is the Dashboard that’s easily navigated, even for non-tech-savvy users.

It has a great dashboard and abbreviated versions of contact records and sales and purchase transactions. Xero also has two advanced reports that provide insight and analysis beyond what the site’s other reports do. One offers short-term (30-day) cash flow projections, along with suggested actions that might improve your outlook. The other, Business Snapshot, includes numerous tables and graphs that illustrate financial ratios and metrics. I’ve not seen this level of sophistication in other accounting applications. Templates are available for one-time and repeating invoices and quotes, and you can queue up multiple statements to print or email.

The Xero app store offers more than 1,000 prebuilt connections that integrate with third-party apps. This is more integrations than all its main competitors, including QuickBooks and FreshBooks. Xero offers a built-in integration with Hubdoc, a tool that extracts the data from bank statements and financial documents and uploads it into the system based on rules that you specify. Xero also has a mobile app, Xero Expenses, that allows you to snap pictures of receipts and create an expense instead of having to manually enter all the information. You can manage your cash flow, keep an eye on your inventory and connect your bank accounts to the tool.

Project Management Tools

Most cited that they switched to the platform because it’s easier to use than those of competitors while others mentioned that it integrates with third-party apps that they use in their business. Some negative reviews seem to focus on very niche features, like problems with forex translations and customization options. Xero does a fine job of mixing an enjoyable and modern-looking user interface with a huge collection of accounting features and functions.

This usually comes with supporting mobile apps with varying degrees of functionality. It faces a lot of competition but FreeAgent holds its own in the best bookkeeping software for 2022 rankings. What makes it particularly stand out is its straightforward pricing plans that include unlimited scalability for https://personal-accounting.org/ each business classification. That said, the monthly cost is a little too high for the average sole trader or freelancer, so it is best used as UK small business accounting software. You’ll struggle to find free accounting software for charities in the UK, but Zero leads the way in tools for nonprofits.

Run payroll on any device with taxes, compliance & reporting built-in. Xero used to offer strong customer support, and while there are still a ton of great support resources available, getting in touch with an actual representative is a lot more difficult. Instead, customers can visit xero accounting review the Xero Central support site or raise a case online. Includes tools that help automate the reconciliation process, along with a global search function; has a simple layout and a customizable dashboard. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us.

Compared to other cloud-based accounting software UK users can buy, Kashflow’s customer support can be a bit hit or miss. Unfortunately, it does the annoying knowledgebase before direct contact method, where you must dig through before you can contact a human. Nonetheless, there is eventually an email address and we couldn’t fault the speed of their responsiveness. Zoho Books is not the most well-known name in accounting software for UK businesses, but it certainly holds its own. The downside is that the pay-as-you-go model when it comes to adding more users or using the auto-scans feature is not very cost-effective for those expanding quickly. Setting up this UK accounting software is very simple, thanks to the online nature of the platform.


The only setback we see here is that users can’t enter ending balances of checking accounts—they have to upload the bank statement first before reconciling. We like its advanced search feature, which you can use to search invoices using multiple fields and filter them appropriately. In summary, Xero’s A/R management is competitive when compared to applications like QuickBooks and FreshBooks. Its ease-of-use score is also high, making it a great software for A/R. In addition, we employ a comprehensive editorial process that involves expert writers.

This process ensures that articles are well-researched and organized, offering in-depth insights and recommendations. Things start out at the Dashboard, which is just that; the area that lets you move into the other sections of the site and from which you can manage the overall way it ticks. The layout is, on the face of it, pretty simple with a user-experience that delivers quick and easy access to core features. These are found via a top menu that houses not only the Dashboard, but Business, Accounting and Contacts options too. In addition to reaching out for live help, you can access valuable online support resources, including videos, a blog, podcasts, small business guides and training courses.

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A few popular tools include your business’s top 10 customers, Xero’s budget manager and the ability to drill down into your best revenue generators. Xero is our pick for the best accounting software for growing companies. We recommend Xero for companies that are rapidly adding employees and don’t want to worry about the number of people at the organization using the product.

How Much Does Xero Cost?

All online accounting software has a learning curve, including Xero. However, the vendor has an extensive knowledge base with many resources, including videos, help articles, and guides. After signing up for a free trial, you’ll be taken to a step-by-step onboarding process; you can also explore a demo company. Some negative Xero reviews talk about the price increases, saying how Xero used to be a more affordable solution. A few users complain that the best features, such as project management and expense claims, are only available with the most expensive plan.

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based on our tests and personal experience with a product/service. Having been around for over 40 years in some form or another, Sage remains the most used accounting software in the UK. This is followed by long-time rival QuickBooks and a handful of powerful platforms like FreshBooks and Xero. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily make them the best, though QuickBooks still takes our crown.


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